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We are adding a new phase here at Funtime Travelers!

Although we don't possess our own motor coaches, we utilize the excellent service of Lamoille Valley Transportation of Morrisville, Vermont. They provide the newest of equipment, complete with rest rooms on board, air conditioning, comfortable seating, DVD players, some coaches with 110 outlets, and excellent drivers.

Through the years, we have been blessed with requests to do private charters. Of note, we can place in our resume the following:

Profile High School (Bethlehem, NH) Class of 2015

The class donated it's class treasury to their Principal Courtney Vashaw, who was struggling with cancer and they wanted to help her with expenses. It became a nationally known story and Universal Studios in Florida heard about this. Since the class could no longer afford a Class Trip, Universal Studios gave the class an all expense paid trip to their attraction for their generosity. Funtime Travelers provided a bus (at cost) to take the class to the Manchester airport for their flight and pick them up upon returning home.

Pollyanna of Littleton, NH Inc

Pollyanna of Littleton wanted to take a delegation to the NH State Capitol to witness a hearing which would be the first step in helping to decide if "Pollyanna Day" in Littleton would be recognized by the state. After the hearing, the bill will have to go before the House and Senate.

The well known book (and eventual movie by Walt Disney) was written by Helen Porter, who lived in Littleton when she wrote the book. Locally in Littleton, "Pollyanna Day" is recognized on the second Saturday of June each year. It is hoped that the state will also recognize this day (decision by the state pending). Funtime Travelers provided the service of a chartered bus to Concord, NH for this event.

We are available to do private charters for any group, organization, business or family!

This can be done in one of two ways.

1/ We can arrange for a motor coach, which the customer can pay the full charter fee and then pay us for our services.

This arrangement provides that any number of passengers may take part in transportation. We will charge a fee of $250 for making the arrangements.

2/ We can provide an itinerary and charge per person for the private charter.

With this arrangement, a minimum of 35 passengers will be required to run the trip. The customer shall request where they want to go and we will make all arrangements for the trip. Failure to get the minimum number of passengers required will result in referring back to option #1.

PRIVATE CHARTERS are welcomed. You may want an outing for your employees or family and just want something different for your event. Christmas Parties might be substituted by a Day Trip to a destination of your choice. Summertime outings might be substituted by the same type of trip. We offer great service and are interested in helping your group. Call us for information at 603-991-7517 OR e-mail us at one of two addresses:

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